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There's no question that email is still the single most effective tool for reaching customers and prospects. Email Marketing Master Course will have you creating subject lines that beg to be opened, writing powerful copy that converts, and growing your house list after just the first few minutes.

MarketingProfs University's Email Marketing Master Course is a 13-class course designed to get you past the basics and into the most powerful aspects of email marketing. Unlike many other online courses, MarketingProfs University is taught by specialists who live and breathe email marketing like Morgan Stewart, Stephanie Miller, Heather Blank, Joel Book, Chris Baggott, Jeff Pedowitz, Tami Monahan, Chris Donald, Lynn Baus, Dela Quist, Craig Swerdloff, Austin Bliss, and Tom Sather. Together they'll provide invaluable instruction as well as answer your questions and network with you in our exclusive Email Marketing Master Course Facebook group. Check out the class descriptions below and register now to take your email marketing program from average to awesome.

Each class can be viewed on demand, so you can watch (and re-watch) at your convenience. For each class, you’ll have access to the class lecture and Q&A (streaming media), as well as several support materials: the slide deck (PDF), the audio track (MP3) (so you can listen to the lectures on other devices), a transcript (PDF), and a "cheat sheet" (PDF). Once you view all of the classes, you can download a Certificate of Completion (PDF). As part of the course, you'll also get access to our course-exclusive Facebook group to network and share your questions and insights with fellow MPU students, staff, and instructors.

As an Email Marketing Master Course student, you'll get these free course materials (an $813 value):

  1. A 3-month MarketingProfs PRO membership or a 3-month extension if you are already PRO (a $99 value).
  2. Access to the all-new MarketingProfs report: Seven Trends That Are Changing Email Marketing (And What To Do About Them) (a $49 value).
  3. Access to Take 10: How to Write the Perfect Email Marketing Subject Line (a $10 value).
  4. Access to Take 10: How to Build a Better, Smarter Email List (a $10 value).
  5. Plus 5 popular bonus classes hand-picked from our 2011 program (see descriptions below—a $645 value).

Take 10

Email Marketing Master Course includes these 13 classes (each 60 or 90 minutes long):

  1. CONNECTIONS: Developing an Email Strategy That Keeps People Connected
  2. SEGMENTATION: Why Segmentation is Critical to Growing Your Business
  3. ANALYSIS: 10 Ways to Use Data You Already Have
  4. OBJECTIVES: The Essentials of Effective Email Marketing
  5. CONTENT: Finding Content to Power Your Email Marketing
  6. NURTURING: Does Your B2B Email Lead Nurturing Program Really Work?
  7. SUBJECT LINES: How to Write Email Subject Lines That Actually Get Opened
  8. WRITING: The Long and Short of Writing B2B Email Content
  9. DESIGN: How to Design an Email Like Apple
  10. REENGAGEMENT: Inactive Subscribers—Threat or Opportunity?
  11. LIST HYGIENE: Data Collection and Best Practices for Managing Your Email Lists
  12. GROWTH: Eight Easy Ways to Amp Up Your List Growth
  13. DELIVERABILITY: Do ISPs Really Care About Your Reputation?

Plus, you'll get these 5 bonus classes from our 2011 program. You can access the recordings as soon as you register.

  1. FRAMEWORK: How to Launch a Successful Email Marketing Program
  2. MOBILE: Email Design for the Mobile Environment
  3. METRICS: How to Demonstrate Success and Improve Effectiveness
  4. INTEGRATION: Combining Email, Search, and Social Strategies to Increase Customer Acquisition
  5. AUTOMATION: 5 Triggered Email Campaigns That Are a Must for Your Email Marketing Program


Developing an Email Strategy That Keeps People Connected

Morgan Stewart—CEO, Trendline Interactive

Marketers often think in terms of email campaigns, but consumers think in terms of the overall experience with a company—which starts the day they subscribe. Tricks and tactics don't keep subscribers engaged, but a sound strategy that consistently delivers value to the user does. This class will identify the critical strategic elements, tie those elements to your specific business objectives, and demonstrate how to continually optimize your program based on customer feedback.

You will learn:

  • The key elements of an effective email marketing strategy
  • Best practices for collecting actionable input from your subscribers
  • How to optimize your contact strategy to drive business results

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Why Segmentation is Critical to Growing Your Business

Stephanie Miller—Vice President, Digital & Email Services, Aprimo

Segmentation shouldn't be a once-and-done activity. Your customers' knowledge of your brand and competitive offerings is constantly evolving and the key to connecting with them is to increase relevancy through segmentation. In this class, you will learn how to develop your initial segments as well as a process for continually evaluating them.

You will learn:

  • A three-tier methodology for segmentation and campaign management
  • How to overcome challenges in data integration, scoring/valuation, and managing data sets
  • What other companies have done to increase email marketing effectiveness

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10 Ways to Use Data You Already Have

Heather Blank—Vice President, Strategic Services, Responsys

Email is a channel that's been proven to reach prospects and customers. It's also one that is facing increasing challenges for driving user engagement. How can companies effectively prompt subscribers to take action? In this class, we'll show you how the data you already have can be used to improve your email marketing, what data is most important, and how to incorporate it into your marketing programs.

You will learn:

  • What data will drive the most improvement and produce results
  • Best practices and tactics for leveraging existing information
  • How cross-channel programs can improve your email effectiveness

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The Essentials of Effective Email Marketing

Joel Book—Principal, Marketing Research & Education Group, ExactTarget

Email is the number one channel for delivering relevant offers and information to customers, though most marketers are not taking full advantage its true power. We'll review the primary objectives that marketers hope to achieve through email and the many other objectives they should be considering. We'll look at examples of effective email marketing from companies that are realizing amazing results.

You will learn:

  • How to use email for customer-lifecycle engagement
  • The three most effective tactics and techniques for acquiring new email subscribers
  • How to use email in combination with social media and mobile messaging

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Finding Content to Power Your Email Marketing

Chris Baggott—Co-founder and CEO, Compendium

Marketers today have access to incredibly powerful email software and an unparalleled amount of customer data. So why aren't more marketers using these resources to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing? The answer is simple: They lack the high-quality content needed to fuel dynamic email marketing campaigns. The good news is that great content channels are all around if you know where to look.

You will learn:

  • How to build your content arsenal
  • Tips on creating better 1:1 email marketing campaigns
  • Tactics for soliciting content from your customers and constituents
  • Why you should empower your company to create more content

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Does Your B2B Email Lead Nurturing Program Really Work?

Jeff Pedowitz—President and CEO, The Pedowitz Group

Job number one for most B2B marketers is lead generation but, in most cases, the leads generated need to be nurtured before sales can act on them. Email campaigns focused on lead nurturing play an important role in this process. This class will highlight the factors that influence lead nurturing success.

You will learn:

  • How to define stages in the lead development process
  • How to identify the types of content that will keep leads engaged
  • When you'll know that the lead is "fully qualified"

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How to Write Email Subject Lines That Actually Get Opened

Tami Monahan Forman—Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications, Return Path

Strong subject lines are one of the most coveted (and visible) elements of email marketing. But how do you write subject lines that drive higher open rates, clicks, and conversions? This class will teach you how to define key objectives, set up a regular testing schedule, and use some innovative methods to craft great subject lines to ensure your emails will be seen.

You will learn:

  • A foolproof, six-step method for writing killer subject lines in 10 minutes or less
  • An understanding of which metrics matter when evaluating subject line effectiveness
  • How content filters do (and don't) affect what you can put in a subject line

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The Long and Short of Writing B2B Email Content

Chris Donald—CEO and Strategist, Inbox Group

Should B2B email content be brief and to the point or long and detailed? Which format will ensure that your email gets read and understood? As this class will show, effective email copy must tell subscribers exactly what they want to know and be structured in a way that matches their information consumption preferences.

You will learn:

  • How to determine whether short- or long-form content is a better fit for your B2B email marketing objectives
  • How to decide if your content should focus more on educating or selling
  • How to write content that converts

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How to Design an Email Like Apple

Lynn Baus—Creative Director, Responsys

Apple taught us that intuitive, user-centered layouts help people process information faster and in ways that are more enjoyable. In this class, you'll discover how to stop creating cluttered, confusing emails and start creating well-designed emails that meet your goals and please your customers. Design does matter!

You will learn:

  • Design principles to create focused, attractive emails that reward readers and drive interaction
  • Techniques for bridging the desktop and mobile-device experience
  • Methods for testing your new skills

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Inactive Subscribers: Threat or Opportunity?

Dela Quist—CEO, Alchemy Worx

Deciding what to do with your inactive subscribers is one of the most vexing issues facing email marketers. Standard practice recommends removing inactive subscribers, and although that might seem like good advice, does it make commercial sense? This class will tell you whether a long-term non-opener really doesn't like your company or just isn't ready to buy and will suggest ways to reactivate the inactive.

You will learn:

  • How your mere presence in the inbox can leave a positive brand impression
  • How to overcome deliverability hurdles
  • Why your reactivation strategy should focus on conversions and sales, not engagement

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Data Collection and Best Practices for Managing Your Email Lists

Craig Swerdloff—CEO, LeadSpend

When compiling an email list, the traditional wisdom has always been, "Double opt-in is best." Although that may be true in some cases, it may not be essential in every case and can actually impede list growth. We'll show you the best ways to collect data while making sure that your email list is as clean as possible.

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate the companies and technologies that can help when collecting data
  • Best practices for collecting subscriber data and keeping a subscriber list clean
  • The role your ESP plays in list hygiene

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Eight Easy Ways to Amp Up Your List Growth

Austin Bliss—President and Co-founder, FreshAddress

Killer creative and irresistible subject lines are only as effective as the size of your engaged email list. It's too easy to underinvest in the fundamental techniques that will build your list day after day. This class will introduce you to these techniques and prepare you to grow an email list that consistently delivers.

You will learn:

  • Why your current "ask" desperately needs an upgrade
  • How to avoid bad user data without having a tedious sign-up processes
  • What list growth "shortcuts" work and which may not be a good idea

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Do ISPs Really Care About Your Reputation?

Tom Sather—Senior Director of Email Research, Return Path

Have you ever had your emails blocked or delivered to the spam folder but didn't know why? Most email systems now look beyond simple content filtering and focus on a variety of sending behaviors to classify you as a good sender or a spammer. In this class, we'll explore the factors that affect your status as a sender and provide real-world examples of marketers who improved their sending reputation—to get you out of the spam folder and into the inbox.

You will learn:

  • Which metrics matter the most to ISPs when deciding where to deliver your mail
  • Common mistakes that kill email deliverability
  • How to successfully track and manage your reputation

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Best of 2011:
How to Launch a Successful Email Marketing Program

DJ Waldow—Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

Regardless of the size of the organization, every email marketing program has the same key components: an overarching email strategy; a message (or messages) you want to send; an audience to whom you want to send it; a way to send it; a way to track success; and a process for adjusting things as your audience and message changes. This class will provide you with a basic framework for putting all these pieces in place to ensure ongoing email marketing success.

You will learn:

  • What an email marketing strategy looks like
  • The components of a successful email campaign
  • When to rely on your own email platform and when to go with an ESP
  • The basic tenets of the CAN-SPAM Act

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Best of 2011:
Email Design for the Mobile Environment

Anna Yeaman—Co-Founder, StyleCampaign

For years email designers created layouts for desktop screen sizes. Mobile email was barely an afterthought. But that's changing fast: Yahoo! estimates that 50% of its users will access mail by mobile device by the end of 2011. And, a whopping 85% of smartphone users already check email on the go. All this leaves designers scrambling to transfer their skills to the small screen. In this class, you'll learn why you need to "mobilize" your email—and how to do that best.

You will learn:

  • The challenges of a cross platform strategy
  • The difference between fluid and fixed layouts
  • Elements of designing emails for touch
  • What's next for responsive, rich, dynamic design

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Best of 2011:
Email Marketing Metrics: How to Demonstrate Success and Improve Effectiveness

Karen Talavera—Founder and Principal, Synchronicity Marketing

Email's greatest power lies in your ability to gauge exactly what's working and what isn't—provided you use with the proper metrics. As in all direct response channels, the lynchpin to continual improvement is implementing key performance measures throughout your email campaigns and understanding how to use them effectively. In this class, you'll learn the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to email and how to calculate them, as well as advanced metrics like engagement analysis and ROI.

You will learn:

  • Why measuring beyond simple campaign process metrics is essential to getting a truthful snapshot of campaign contribution
  • The value of comparing performance across campaigns and what different metrics indicate when evaluating head-to-head tests
  • Multiple perspectives for email program response analysis—what they are and why each can give you unique insights you'd otherwise miss

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Best of 2011:
Combining Email, Search, and Social Strategies to Increase Customer Acquisition

Chris Baggott—Co-Founder and CEO, Compendium Software

Rather than making email obsolete, the rise of content marketing and the social web makes email an ever more critical component of your marketing mix. Email provides targeted delivery of relevant content to your prospects and customers. Social media and search can complement your email efforts by providing new opportunities to build your list. Learn the best strategies for integrating your email, social media, and search channels to better circulate your content and engage customers.

You will learn:

  • How to design content for all channels
  • How to coordinate email and social efforts
  • How to measure the impact of email on social (and vice versa)
  • How to use content marketing to grow your email lists and your business

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Best of 2011:
5 Triggered Email Campaigns That Are a Must for Your Email Marketing Program

Karen Talavera—Founder and Principal, Synchronicity Marketing

Tailored 1-to-1 email marketing messages—triggered by specific events or responder actions—drive conversions and generate revenue far better than traditional "broadcast" programs. During this class, you'll learn which automated email communications are must-haves for your email marketing program and why. Plus, we'll survey real-world examples that demonstrate the results that a well-constructed triggered campaign can deliver.

You will learn:

  • Why triggered messaging should be an essential part of your email program and how it can be integrated into an overall messaging strategy
  • Which forms of communication work well when automated, and which don't
  • The five most effective triggered email messages for adding revenue and ROI to your bottom line
  • How to plan for and achieve triggered campaign success—best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid

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Course Instructors

Austin Bliss

Austin Bliss was the driving force behind the original design and development of the patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) technology from FreshAddress. He is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association and Email Experience Council, a frequent content contributor to industry publications, and a highly regarded presenter at ... more »

Chris Baggott

A co-founder of ExactTarget, Chris Baggott is currently CEO and co-founder of Compendium Blogware, a SAAS blogging solution focused on organizational blogging. He is the author of Email Marketing by the Numbers (Wiley, 2007) and was featured in Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus (Wiley, 2008). more »

Chris Donald

Chris Donald oversees U.S. and international clients for the Inbox Group email marketing agency. He has been active in the email marketing space since 1995 and has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs, and government agencies on everything from strategy and creative to “digging in the ... more »

Craig Swerdloff

Craig Swerdloff, an entrepreneur and longtime veteran of the online media industry, founded the Hockey Ad Network and LeadSpend, an email validation service. Craig has worked for Return Path and IAC/InterActiveCorp, served as chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Email Committee, and held posts with Chicago Interactive Marketing Association, Atlanta ... more »

Dela Quist

Dela Quist serves as CEO of Alchemy Worx, an email marketing agency that helps clients build strong, personal, long-term relationships with customers and prospects through email campaigns. The company's diverse client portfolio includes such global brands as Vodafone, Hilton Hotels, AOL, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Virgin Holidays. Dela is an ... more »

Heather Blank

As vice president of Strategic Services at Responsys, Heather Blank oversees a team of strategic, analytic, and deliverability consultants. She and her team work with clients to improve email ROI through triggered messaging and improved segmentation. Her deep understanding of personalized, cross-channel marketing has made Heather a sought-after speaker at ... more »

Jeff Pedowitz

As president and CEO at The Pedowitz Group, Jeff Pedowitz is considered a top expert in revenue marketing and demand generation. He has developed numerous techniques for optimizing sales and marketing programs, and his firm has transitioned more than 900 customers from traditional marketing and lead generation programs to multiple ... more »

Joel Book

With more than 35 years of experience in database marketing, Joel Book teaches organizations how to use digital media and interactive-marketing technology to attract, engage, grow, and retain customers. His presentations are packed with real-world examples of how smart marketers are using digital media to engage and serve customers more ... more »

Lynn Baus

Over the last seven years with Responsys, Lynn Baus has created campaigns for leading brands that have been recognized industry-wide for their high creative standards and campaign performance. Lynn is also co-chair of the Email Design Roundtable for the Email Experience Council, a division of the Direct Marketing Association, and ... more »

Morgan Stewart

As CEO of Trendline Interactive, Morgan Stewart focuses on how trends in consumer behavior affect marketing performance. He works with clients to apply these insights to develop email strategies and prioritize initiatives that maximize revenue via email. Morgan currently serves as the programming chair for MediaPost's Email Insider Summit and ... more »

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller has nearly 20 years of experience building and managing integrated direct marketing programs; has held executive-level positions with Return Path, Hotmail and RealNetworks; and has worked for six years as a marketing consultant in Silicon Valley. She writes and speaks frequently on all aspects of digital marketing and ... more »

Tami Monahan Forman

As the senior director of Global Corporate Communications at Return Path, Tami Monahan Forman is in charge of brand management, website development, and messaging strategy. She is also the co-author of the book Sign Me Up! A Marketer's Guide to Creating Email Newsletters That Build Relationships and Boost Sales (iUniverse Inc., 2005). more »

Tom Sather

Tom Sather is an email marketing and deliverability expert who has spent the last 16 years helping retail, social, financial services, and B2B marketers optimize response rates and increase revenue from their email channels. Tom speaks and writes regularly for the email industry and is active in many professional organizations. ... more »