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Whether your title specifically states it or not—you're a writer. You're crafting emails, creating content, drafting press releases, putting together presentations, editing videos, telling stories (and probably a heck of a lot more that we're forgetting). Every one of those things requires some degree of writing.

And, as a writer, it's imperative you stay at the top of your game, not just in one skill or discipline, but in all of them. That's why Marketing Writing Bootcamp contains 16 classes tailor-made for writers who are tasked with a variety of writing duties.

From blog posts to product descriptions, website copy to content creation, e-commerce emails to lead nurturing, we've got you covered.

During these 16 classes, you'll discover how to master various forms of marketing writing. Plus, our expert instructors will provide you invaluable information as well as answer your questions in our exclusive Marketing Writing Bootcamp Facebook group.

How does it work? All Marketing Writing Bootcamp classes are 30-60 minutes long. All classes are recorded and available for viewing any time, on your computer or mobile device. Watch them at your convenience for 12 months.

For each class, you'll have access to the class lecture (streaming media), as well as several types of support materials: the slide deck (PDF), the audio track (MP3, so you can listen to the lectures on other devices), a transcript (PDF), and a "cheat sheet" (PDF). Once you view all of the classes, you can download a Certificate of Completion (PDF).

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As a Marketing Writing Bootcamp student, you'll also receive these free course materials (over $1,000 value):

  1. A 3-month MarketingProfs PRO membership or a 3-month extension if you are already PRO (a $99 value)*
  2. How to Create the Ultimate Case StudyThe all-new MarketingProfs Guide: How to Create the Ultimate Case Study (a $49 value)
  3. PRO Seminar: Sales Messaging That Closes the Deal (a $129 value)
  4. PRO Seminar: From Marketer to Author: How to Publish a Book for Powerful Marketing (a $129 value)
  5. PRO Seminar: Content Marketing Trends to Kick-Start your Communications Plan (a $129 value)
  6. PRO Seminar: Building the Living, Breathing Brand (a $129 value)
  7. Take 10 Video Tutorial: Five Keys to Creating Case Studies that Sell (a $10 value)
  8. Take 10 Video Tutorial: How to use Mindmapping to Cure Writer's Block (a $10 value)
  9. Take 10 Video Tutorial: Seven Easy Tips to Improve Your Proofreading (a $10 value)

*Corporate PRO memberships and group MPU ticket purchasers are not eligible for the complimentary PRO membership or extension.

Marketing Writing Bootcamp includes these 16 classes:

  1. Online Communication: Smart Communication for a Social World
  2. Tone of Voice: How to Find and Use Your Voice
  3. Brand Storytelling: A Journey Into Brand Storytelling Done Right
  4. Style: Keeping it Professional
  5. Motivation: Messaging that Motivates—and Moves—an Audience to Act
  6. B2B Copywriting: Transform Your B2B Writing From Snoozy to Snazzy
  7. Contemporary Business Writing: Business Messaging in a 140-Character World
  1. Video: Beyond Pretty Pictures
  2. Presentations: Crafting the Anti-Presentation
  3. Case Studies: Writing That Turn Leads Into Customers
  4. Public Relations: How to Write Bylined Articles
  5. E-Books: How to Write a Great B2B E-Book
  1. Business Blogging: Blogging Secrets That Feed Your Funnel
  2. Social Media: Memory, Voice, and Storytelling as Keys to Social Media Writing
  3. Web: Writing That Works for Brands, Buyers, and Bots
  4. Email Copywriting: Three Seconds to Get It Write


Talk Savvy—Smart Communication for a Social World

Amber Naslund—President, SideraWorks

Believe it or not, the social web is doing more than just changing the way we market. It's fundamentally altering how we communicate with one another and how we connect, from the media we love, to the way we interact with content, to the language we use. In this class, learn what's changed and what great online communication looks and feels like today. We have to be more than just tech savvy; we have to be "talk savvy."

You will learn:

  • What defines the culture of the web and why "social" is so different
  • Seven characteristics of the best online communicators
  • The single most important skill you must cultivate to be a master online communicator, no matter what the medium

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Mind Your Tone: How to Find and Use Your Voice

Robert Mills—Studio Manager, Bluegg

When talking to your audience, you need to do so in a way that stays true to your brand, values, and culture. Tone of voice is a key component of this. Whether in person, in print, or online, your voice must be authentic and consistent. This class uses a range of real-world examples, good and bad, to spark discussion about how companies should (and shouldn’t) talk to their customers.

You will learn:

  • To define your tone of voice
  • How to use your tone of voice in a variety of marketing materials
  • How to ensure your voice is used consistently

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Hero Quest: A Journey Into Brand Storytelling Done Right

Tessa Wegert—Journalist, Media Strategist

It may be the buzzword du jour, but storytelling has earned its status as brand marketing champion. The challenge is applying it in a way that resonates with consumers. Using real-world brand marketing examples, this class explores the role of storytelling in digital advertising and custom content. From theme to structure to hero (it's not who you think it is), learn how to break down the key components of a good brand story to help tell your own.

You will learn:

  • Why storytelling is vital to brand marketing success
  • How to identify a story worth telling
  • Who to cast in the role of hero
  • Where to tell your story online

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Keeping It Professional: Style, Grammar, and Usage

Tracy Gold—Marketer, Writer, Editor

Grammatical errors aren't just unprofessional—they can turn potential customers away. This class covers some common mistakes you might be making (without knowing it), as well as ways to edit and polish your company's content. In a world where we're inundated with poorly written content, having flawless style and grammar will make your writing stand out.

You will learn:

  • Strategies to keep your style engaging and concise
  • Common grammar, punctuation, and usage mistakes to avoid
  • Tactics for making your brand's written voice consistent

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Messaging that Motivates—and Moves—an Audience to Act

Doug Rekenthaler Jr.—Partner, Kilroy Creative

In an increasingly noisy world populated by endless customer channels, devices, and content stands the modern marketer, tasked with creating messaging that not only stands apart—but drives action. This seemingly Herculean job requires large budgets, sophisticated marketing organizations or agencies, and endless hours of effort. Or does it?

You will learn:

  • The Messenger—how to discover and use creative flow to find the right concept for your messaging
  • The Message—how to use language to effectively communicate that concept
  • The Audience—how to leverage human psychology to convert that message into action

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Transform Your B2B Writing From Snoozy to Snazzy

Roberta Rosenberg—Director, Marketing and E-Commerce, American Council of Engineering Companies; Principal, MGP Direct, Inc.

From time immemorial, the traditional approach to B2B copywriting has been dry, a little stiff, self-congratulatory, and boring. Such snooze-worthy promotion doesn't get you more leads, more sales, or more of anything at all. Why? Because it neglects the people portion of the equation. Good B2C marketing puts people smack-dab in the center of the promotion, and we’ll demonstrate how that works for B2B, too.

You will learn:

  • The good, bad, and ugly of B2B writing for web and email
  • How some companies fail in B2B communication while others succeed, regardless of trade or industry
  • Tips for creating a voice that works well in B2B copywriting and content marketing

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Business Messaging in a 140-Character World

Phaedra Hise—Editorial Director, Loyalty One

In an age of tweets, tech, and texts, what are the new rules for professional communication? As content channels change, learn what you should be doing to change along with them, and which classic business-writing guidelines still remain mission-critical for your company's reputation. This class covers the primary elements of successful business writing—internal communications, externally placed stories, or official company publications— for both B2C and B2B marketers.

You will learn:

  • How to capture readers' attention immediately
  • The three elements of compelling business writing
  • Six deadly words guaranteed to kill any business piece

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Beyond Pretty Pictures: Tell Your Story with Video

Susan Murphy—Co-Founder, Jester Creative

More than 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the planet. It's no secret that video is huge, but how can you really leverage this medium to tell a compelling story? In this class, learn production techniques professional video producers use, plan scripts and narrative, and combine visuals and the written word to tell a compelling story that supports your business objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to identify story opportunities
  • To plan and prepare scripts and storyboards
  • Techniques to bring visual and written messaging together into a compelling communication piece

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From Blah to Brilliant: Crafting the Anti-Presentation

Beth L. Buelow—Professional Coach and Speaker; Founder, The Introvert Entrepreneur

Creating a compelling presentation is part art, part science. Most of the time, the focus is on the science of the structure: what goes where and who says what when. The art part—the story, emotion, flow, and "stickiness" of the story—is often an afterthought. Without the art, though, your message is little more than a public service announcement. This class shows you how to build a presentation that puts your story—not the structure—in the spotlight.

You will learn:

  • Where to find fresh content ideas and "hooks"
  • What transforms your ideas into stories that stick
  • How to use a multisensory approach to move your audience from problem to solution

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Writing Case Studies and Data Sheets That Turn Leads Into Customers

Rachel Foster—CEO, Fresh Perspective Copywriting

A TechTarget study revealed that 65% of B2B buyers require at least four pieces of content before they create a short list of vendors. When it comes to the types of content that B2B buyers most often consume, it has been shown that data sheets and case studies top their lists. That's why it's critical to arm your sales team with powerful copy that turns leads into customers.

You will learn:

  • A reliable step-by-step process for writing compelling case studies and data sheets
  • How to get your customers to tell you their amazing stories
  • The biggest mistakes that B2B marketers make with their case studies and data sheets—and how to avoid them

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How to Write Bylined Articles That Inform Without Becoming an Infomercial

Karen Swim—President, Words For Hire, LLC

Bylined articles are an excellent PR tactic for driving brand awareness and establishing thought leadership. But how do you promote your brand without writing an article that reads like a cheesy infomercial? You use brain, not brawn, in your writing. Writing a successful byline requires you to shift your attention from pushing your brand (brawn) to sharing your knowledge (brain). In this class, learn how to impart knowledge that informs and entertains your audience.

You will learn:

  • How to write bylines that sell without selling
  • The words you should never use in a bylined article
  • What you should do before you write a single word

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How to Write a Great B2B E-Book

Stacy Crinks—Owner, The Content Bureau

You've heard that e-books are the new whitepapers. It's true! If you're a B2B marketer who needs to share a large volume of rich content (copy, infographics, and screen shots) with your customers and prospects—an e-book could be the format for you. In this class we'll discuss the steps to plan, design, and write a powerful and compelling e-book.

You will learn:

  • What an e-book is (and isn't)
  • How to structure and write a great e-book
  • Where to find the most engaging e-book content
  • Which layout options work best—and why

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The Long View: Blogging Secrets That Feed Your Funnel

Andy Crestodina—Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios

You've written some blog posts, but traffic is flat and leads are down. If blogging is supposed to grow your business, why does it feel like a huge waste of time? Because you're doing it wrong. Learn to promote your content with purpose and how to build a blog that attracts visitors and generates a positive ROI. Turn your blog into a demand-generation machine!

You will learn:

  • Which topics your audience really cares about
  • How to grow both your audience and email list through search-engine rankings and social sharing
  • Which analytics reports to watch and which to ignore

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Memory, Voice, and Storytelling as Keys to Social Media Writing

Mana Ionescu—President, Lightspan Digital

Ellen DeGeneres crashed Twitter with her Oscars tweets, and regular people such as computer historian @Sockamillion and avid video gamer @Veronica have more than one million followers on Twitter. What is it about their social media content that makes people follow them in droves? They have a strong voice, and their storytelling creates memories, which people want to share with others. In this class, learn how your brand can create compelling messages, too.

You will learn:

  • How to listen, read audiences, and find trending topics
  • To create memories through storytelling and real-time interactions
  • What makes short content compelling

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Writing That Works for Brands, Buyers, and Bots

Ben Resnikoff—Associative Creative Director, PJA Advertising + Marketing

Your website is the first place potential customers go for information about your business. It's up to you to ensure they find what they need, including vital information about your company's personality. Explore ways to write compelling web copy that easily engages customers and works as your brand's ambassador, no matter who's checking you out—even search engine bots.

You will learn:

  • To write website copy that's true to your brand
  • Ways to deliver the information that buyers are looking for
  • How to incorporate SEO best practices without compromising the first two points

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Three Seconds to Get It Write

Tami Forman—Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications, Return Path, Inc.

Email subscribers give you almost no time to catch their attention, inspire them to read on, and convince them to take action. Every wasted word and second costs you an opportunity to connect with your audience and you might not get another. In this class, learn how email technology is making it more challenging to get to potential customers, how top marketing copywriters are adapting, and how you can follow their lead to pull readers away from the competition and into your messages in three seconds flat.

You will learn:

  • How your audience sees and sorts messages in today's inbox
  • The instant signals of credibility, relevance, and sizzle
  • How to test copy, what to measure, and when not to bother

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Course Instructors

Amber Naslund

Amber Naslund is a business strategist and the president of SideraWorks, a social business advisory firm that helps companies adapt their culture and operations to the new expectations of the social web. She is also the co-author of a best-selling social business book, The Now Revolution (Wiley, 2011). more »

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina is the co-founder of Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning, web design company in Chicago. Over the past 13 years, Andy has provided web strategy advice to more than 1,000 clients. He has written hundreds of articles on topics including search optimization, social media, and analytics. He is also the author of Content Chemistry: ... more »

Ben Resnikoff

Ben Resnikoff has been creating digital experiences for brands you know and love for 15 years—and has been creating offline ads even longer. These days, you'll find Ben at PJA Advertising + Marketing, a perennial B2B magazine Agency of the Year that helps invent digital experiences that surprise, delight, and—most important—educate. more »

Beth Buelow

Beth was seven when she dreamed up her first entrepreneurial venture, 23 when she learned she was an introvert, and 38 when she put the two together to create The Introvert Entrepreneur. Her coaching, speaking, and writing resonates with introverts who want to amplify their strengths, and extroverts who want to understand why introverts are ... more »

Doug Rekenthaler Jr

Doug Rekenthaler Jr. specializes in helping organizations of all types create and share meaningful, approachable, compelling content that generates a desired action. Doug is a partner at Kilroy Creative, blogs at Beware of the Doug, and has background that began in journalism before morphing into a career in sales, marketing, and business consulting. more »

Karen Swim

Karen Swim owns and operates the public relations and marketing firm, Words For Hire. She spends her days dreaming up and implementing creative ways to help B2B clients identify, connect, and engage with their target audience. From social media to marketing communications to media relations, Karen infuses good old-fashioned storytelling in every strategy. more »

Mana Ionescu

Mana Ionescu is the president of Chicago digital marketing agency Lightspan Digital. Through Lightspan's client work, Mana discovered the similarities between historians and social media community managers. Just as good oral historians told stories that went "viral," social media managers aspire to do the same. Mana is also a public speaker, rescue SCUBA diver, and ... more »

Phaedra Hise

Phaedra Hise, editorial director at LoyaltyOne, a global leader in coalition loyalty programs, customer analytics, and loyalty services for Fortune 1000 clients around the world. She has 20 years of experience working with global brands including Time Warner, the Wall Street Journal, and Inc. Phaedra has authored five books on business, marketing, and other niche ... more »

Rachel Foster

As the CEO of Fresh Perspective Copywriting, Rachel Foster helps B2B marketers improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages, and generate high-quality leads. Rachel shares her insights on B2B marketing in her articles for the Content Marketing Institute, Business 2 Community, and in her Fresh Marketing blog. more »

Robert Mills

Robert Mills is a writer and studio manager at UK design agency Bluegg, where he helps clients tell their stories effectively, both offline and on the Web. Through tone of voice, personality, and storytelling, he creates authentic and consistent content for clients. He is the author of A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible (Five ... more »

Roberta Rosenberg

Roberta Rosenberg is the director of marketing and e-commerce for the American Council of Engineering Companies and the principal of MGP Direct, Inc., a direct marketing consultancy. She has more than 30 years of experience in direct response marketing, mostly with B2B clients in various fields. Roberta writes extensively about ... more »

Stacy Crinks

Stacy Crinks owns The Content Bureau, a Bay Area–based B2B marketing communications agency serving large technology and financial services clients. She is a speaker and blogger on topics related to B2B marketing and project management. She holds a BA from UC Berkeley, an MBA from Wharton, and an MA in International Affairs/Spanish from the ... more »

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy is the co-founder of the new media production company, Jester Creative. She has been a television producer for 26 years, with more than 17 years working with digital video and online content. Susan is an accomplished writer, director, editor, and videographer, and has produced hundreds of television programs and video projects. She blogs ... more »

Tami Monahan Forman

As the senior director of Global Corporate Communications at Return Path, Tami Monahan Forman is in charge of brand management, website development, and messaging strategy. She is also the co-author of the book Sign Me Up! A Marketer's Guide to Creating Email Newsletters That Build Relationships and Boost Sales (iUniverse Inc., 2005). more »

Tessa Wegert

Tessa Wegert is a journalist and media strategist working at the crossroads of storytelling and technology. She writes for ClickZ, Contently, Tribune Media Group's ChicagoNow, and the Content Marketing Institute. Tessa also manages marketing communications for Enlighten, one of the nation's first interactive marketing firms with a focus on creating rich consumer experiences on behalf ... more »

Tracy Gold

Tracy Gold is a marketer, editor, and writer who specializes in content marketing and social media. She also holds writing and editing classes in her hometown, Baltimore. Tracy's clients include the Content Marketing Institute, OrderUp, and SmartLogic Solutions. Tracy earned a bachelor's degree in English from Duke University, and is currently working toward a Masters ... more »