Marketing Your Small Business

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  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Number of classes: 11
  • Cost: $595 | You Pay: $595
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When you're marketing a small business, your budget and human resources are often limited, but your ideas and goals are still as big as they come. That's why MarketingProfs University is offering Marketing Your Small Business, an 11-class course tailor-made for small businesses and your unique needs. We'll help you whip your marketing program into shape in two short weeks, so you can reach your goals regardless of your budget or team size.

With experienced instructors like Stephen Denny, Tim Calkins, Bill Baker, Rich Brooks, Gini Dietrich, Ian Laurie, DJ Waldow, Charles Erickson, Heather Whaling, and Ivana Taylor, you're sure to be a marketing expert by the time you complete the course. Check out the class descriptions and register now to get your small business marketing program working for you!

Each class can be viewed on demand, so you may watch (and re-watch) at your convenience. In addition to the recorded class (streaming), the course materials for each class include the class slides (PDF), audio track from the class (MP3) (so you can listen to the lectures on other devices), the class transcript (PDF), and a Cheat Sheet for the class (PDF). Once you view all of the classes, you can download a Certificate of Completion (PDF). As part of the course, you'll also get access to our course-exclusive Facebook group to network and share your own questions and insight with MPU students, staff, and instructors.

Marketing Your Small Business includes these 11 classes:


Killing Giants—Outmaneuvering Larger Competitors

Stephen Denny—Competitive Strategist, Marketing Consultant, and Author

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Your competitors can often seem bigger than you, better armed, and in a better position within your industry. But bigger isn't always better—learn to turn your competition's lack of speed and agility to your advantage. This class will provide a general framework as well as specific tools you'll need to topple the Goliaths in your industry.

You will learn:

  • How to develop a culture of speed in your organization
  • How to enlist the aid of stakeholders
  • Questions to ask yourself when trying to win business away from industry giants

Creating Marketing Plans That Work

Tim Calkins—Clinical Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management and Managing Director, Class 5 Consulting

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Marketing plans set the course for a business. Without a plan, marketing can become a series of unrelated tactics. This class will highlight why marketing plans are so important, review best practices for creating marketing plans, and provide the framework for building a powerful plan that will drive results.

You will learn:

  • Why marketing plans are so important
  • How to address typical problems small businesses encounter when creating a marketing plan
  • A blueprint for creating a simple, powerful, and effective plan

Why Small Businesses Need Brands and How to Build Them

Denise Lee Yohn—Speaker, Author, Consultant

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

A strong brand differentiates a company, focuses its energies, and engages its employees—it's an organization's most valuable tool for growing business. In this practical and instructive class you'll discover tools, frameworks, and approaches for building a strong brand, no matter the size of your business.

You will learn:

  • How a well-defined brand can help grow your business
  • How to craft a strong brand name, logo, and messaging
  • How to develop a brand strategy that connects with customers and provides a competitive advantage, including three ways to differentiate your brand

How to Build a Website That Builds Your Business

Rich Brooks—Founder and President, flyte new media, and Co-founder, Social Media FTW

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Your website is where the rubber hits the road; it's where you gather leads and make your sales. In this class, you'll learn how to increase your online visibility, drive qualified traffic to your site, and convert prospects into customers. Whether you have an existing website or are starting from scratch, you'll learn techniques to engage your visitors and increase your conversion rates as well as critical metrics that you can use to measure your success.

You will learn:

  • How to create website content that gets you found by your ideal customers
  • How to get visitors to move further down the sales funnel on your site
  • Which metrics you should use to measure your success

Why Social Media is Necessary for B2B

Gini Dietrich—Founder and CEO, Arment Dietrich, Inc., and Founder, Spin Sucks Pro

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

With so many social media choices, how can you tell which social networks are right for your business? This class will demonstrate how social media can work for business-to-business organizations, its return on investment, and how to make small changes to incorporate social media into your daily plan.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for incorporating social media into your business growth plan
  • How to add video or audio (or both) to your social media content
  • Which social networks to use for your business, how to set social strategy, how to get started, and what to measure

SEO, Search Analytics, and Pulling It All Together

Ian Lurie—Chief Marketing Curmudgeon and CEO, Portent Interactive

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Effective use of SEO tactics can ensure that your site will be found, but search analytics can sometimes be complicated. This class teaches you how to use SEO data to tie your tactics and analytics together for online marketing that works for your customers.

You will learn:

  • How to optimize your website for Google's Panda algorithm
  • Important "offsite" ranking factors—it's about more than just links
  • How to use data to drive content strategy, keyword choices, and overall online marketing

From Subject Line to Signature

DJ Waldow—Founder and CEO, Waldow Social

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Email marketing continues to have one of the highest (measurable) returns on investment of any online marketing channel—it's the digital glue that holds marketing programs together. This class will cover email marketing from the subject line to the signature.

You will learn:

  • How to grow and maintain an active, healthy email list
  • How to ensure optimal subscriber engagement
  • What email metrics are really the most important
  • How to incorporate social media into email marketing campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Advertising on a Shoestring

Elizabeth Marsten—Director of Search Marketing, Portent Interactive

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool for driving inbound leads and revenue. You don't need to spend a fortune to win PPC keywords for your industry, but you do need to make sure you have a solid budget and clear goals in mind. Learn how to make the most out of your budget, from setup to continued management, and see for yourself how PPC can help grow your business.

You will learn:

  • Whether PPC is right for your company
  • Tactics for setting up an account and creating campaigns for success
  • Tips on stretching your budget and how to keep your PPC running lean and mean

Engage Your Community, Grow Your Business

Charles Erickson—Co-founder, Small Business Beanstalk

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

It's time to shift focus away from simply getting customers through the door to building relationships and having an active presence in your community. This class will provide strategies for turning customers into fans and getting people to become evangelists for your business.

You will learn:

  • How to put a creative spin on promoting a business using traditional marketing outlets
  • How to use simple, low-cost guerrilla marketing and event-based initiatives to drive customer awareness and traffic
  • How to help turn customers into passionate, loyal advocates for your business

Public and Media Relations in a Social World

Heather Whaling—Owner/President, Geben Communication

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Are you tired of seeing your competitors’ names in the media, but not yours? If you're ready to raise your company's profile and amplify your message through targeted media (traditional and online) placements, this class is for you. Learn how to incorporate blogger relations into your PR strategy and boost your outreach efforts to ensure these media placements support key communication objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to parlay emerging industry trends into valuable media coverage
  • Tips to use social media to increase your media relations success
  • The five Cs of blogger relations and how this approach can lead to online editorial coverage

How to Create Your Action Plan

Ivana Taylor—Publisher,

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Are you plagued with good marketing ideas that your company isn't prepared to execute? This class will show you how to organize your marketing ideas via worksheets, templates, and tools so you can get marketing tasks done with minimal effort and maximum results.

You will learn:

  • How to organize your marketing ideas into a one-page plan
  • How to adjust your product offerings to differentiate yourself and be chosen by your ideal customer
  • How to integrate your marketing plan into your daily to-do list

As a Marketing Your Small Business student, you'll get these free course materials:

  1. Access to the MarketingProfs report: DIY Marketing Essentials for Small Business (a $49 value)
  2. Access to Take 10: How to Build a Twitter Following in a Week (a $10 value)
  3. Access to Take 10: Creating a YouTube Channel Page that Reflects Your Brand (a $10 value)
  4. Plus 5 popular bonus classes hand-picked from previous courses (a $645 value)

Brandon Eley

Brandon is the interactive director at Kelsey Advertising & Design—an advertising agency with a strong focus on digital media. With 10 years of experience in ...

Charles Erickson

Charles Erickson is the co-founder and director of development for the Small Business Beanstalk. Also known as The SBB, it is a community-oriented "shop local" ...

Christine Chariton

With more than 20 years of extensive experience, Chris Chariton is a proven authority in the field of industrial marketing. Currently, she serves as senior ...

Denise Lee Yohn

An established speaker, author, and consulting partner, Denise Lee Yohn has been inspiring and teaching companies how to operationalize their brands to grow their businesses ...

DJ Waldow

DJ Waldow is an email marketing consultant, writer, blogger, and speaker; the founder and CEO of Waldow Social; and the co-author of The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing ...

Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten joined the Portent team in 2006, thinking she was going to do "pay-per-clip" marketing. She is the co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, first ...

Gail Z. Martin

Gail Z. Martin is a best-selling author, international speaker, and marketing expert. She is the author of 30 Days to Social Media Success (Career Press, ...

Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc. and the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. The author of Spin Sucks, the 2010 ...

Heather Whaling

As president of Geben Communication, Heather Whaling leads business development, client relations, and strategic planning. Plus, she's heavily involved in implementation, helping clients integrate traditional ...

Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie is the CEO and founder of Portent, a full-service digital agency he started in 1995. Ian's professional specialties and favorite topics are marketing strategy, history, search, ...

Ivana Taylor

Ivana Taylor is the publisher of, an online marketing publication that provides marketing advice and shortcuts for CEOs with no marketing department. She is ...

John Haydon

John Haydon is a social media strategist and cofounder of the consultancy Inbound Zombie, which helps non-profits increase awareness, amplify engagement, and get more donations ...

Nancy Duarte

Since 1988, Duarte Design has created more than one-quarter of a million presentations. Clients include Apple, Cisco, the Food Network, Facebook, GE, Google, Al Gore, ...

Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media, a Web design and Internet marketing firm in Portland, Maine. His newsletter and blog focus ...

Stephen Denny

Stephen Denny is a competitive strategy and marketing consultant helping brands in technology, consumer products, and clean energy define their competitive positioning, communication strategies, and ...

Tim Calkins

Tim Calkins is the clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and serves as academic director of the Kellogg’s branding executive ...


I'd recommend MPU to any B2B marketer. The class experience is easy to manage, well organized, and supported by responsive 'support ninjas' ready to assist.

Lorrie Wride

Excellent summary of helping the small companies win against large machines!

Stacy Boyka

A good catalyst to get you thinking differently.

Cassandra Lise