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  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Number of classes: 7
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You've no doubt attended presentations that were absolutely monumental: the speaker was bursting with energy, they were engaging, inspiring, and on-point. It hit home and connected with you.

But you've also slogged through some in which you've struggled to stifle yawns and keep your eyes open.

Why such a difference? What makes a great presentation? What does it take to captivate, inspire, and persuade an audience? And how can you harness that power and use it in your own day-to-day professional life?

In Present & Persuade, you'll not only get the answers to those questions and more, but you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at art and science of persuasion from CEOs, presentation experts, college professors, behavioral therapists, researchers, and authors.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to project a strong, confident, and dynamic presence
  • How to form an emotional connection with any audience
  • Some of the most common presentation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The use of motivational triggers to positively influence decision-making
  • Building a sales pitch around your customer instead of your product

During these 7 classes, you'll discover how to unlock the secrets of persuasive presentations, perfectly tailored to your audience's needs. Plus, our expert instructors will provide you invaluable information as well as answer your questions in our exclusive Present & Persuade Facebook group.

How does it work?

Present & Persuade includes 7 classes (each 30–40 minutes long). All classes are recorded and available for viewing any time, on your computer or mobile device. Watch them at your convenience for 12 months.

For each class, you'll have access to the class lecture (streaming media), as well as several types of support materials: the slide deck (PDF), the audio track (MP3, so you can listen to the lectures on other devices), a transcript (PDF), and a "cheat sheet" (PDF). Once you view all of the classes, you can download a Certificate of Completion (PDF).

Present & Persuade includes these seven classes:


PreZentation Techniques to Reduce Public Speaking Stress and Increase Confidence

Beth Buelow—CEO, The Introverted Entrepreneur

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Whether you dread being in the spotlight or love talking to people (just not when all eyes are on you), this class will show techniques for calming your mind and preparing yourself to speak up and out in groups with confidence and authority—even if your knees are knocking. We'll draw inspiration from Zen principles, improv, and personality types. Perfect for professionals who want to place their trust in something more effective than picturing the audience in their underwear.

You will learn:

  • How to silence your inner, "you're not a good speaker!" critic
  • Why introvert strengths contribute to powerful presentations and how to use them
  • Simple techniques to build your confidence and think on your feet when speaking with groups large and small

Why Great Presenters Are Boring People

Scott Schwertly—CEO, Ethos3

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Onstage, most great presenters are bold, dynamic, inspiring, and engaging. But what are they like offstage? It's true that many great presenters have had thrilling moments that become the basis for their presentations, but it's the boring day-to-day habits that give them the ability to recognize these experiences. It's the potential of this so-called "boring" life that this class will examine.

You will learn:

  • The elements required to create healthy presentations
  • How optimism and belief are key for presenters
  • The importance of having your own point of view

The Six Most Common Presentation Mistakes (and How to Stop Making Them)

John Bevan—Senior Consultant, BrightCarbon

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

How do you get your audience to sit up and listen—and, more important, to keep listening? Do you know if you're presenting the right messages at each stage of the consideration cycle? And what do prospects need to hear to make a decision in your favor? This class will answer these burning questions to help you avoid some common pitfalls that can undermine your sales presentations and turn off your audiences.

You will learn:

  • How structuring information from the customer/prospect's perspective can have a powerful effect on engagement
  • The difference between "Why change?" and "Why us?" arguments, and when to use them
  • To build audience credibility (and achieve company objectives) by making your pitch all about them, instead of all about you

Building Strong Connections with Your Audience

Steven D. Cohen—Assistant Professor, University of Baltimore

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

As a speaker, your goal is to convince audience members that you are worthy of their time and attention. But why should they give you their valuable time? In this class, you will learn how to build a strong connection with your audience from the moment you enter a room or walk onstage.

You will learn:

  • How to exude leadership qualities
  • To eliminate filler words from your vocabulary
  • How to make the audience care about your message

Create Your Best Presentation by Understanding the Science of Motivation

Andrea Kuszewski—Researcher and Manager, VORTEX Research Group

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

How do you decide on the content of your presentation? What type of content will result in the highest level of learning? You want people to not only like your presentation but also feel inspired and compelled to take action. This class will go over the basics of human motivation, as well as motivation triggers for your specific audience, so you'll be better prepared to create the most engaging, memorable, and effective presentations possible.

You will learn:

  • The science behind motivation: What fuels it, and what kills it? And why is this critical to understand?
  • The difference between pleasure and motivation, and why this distinction is important
  • How to tailor content for any audience, based on what they respond to best
  • Techniques and tips for creating dynamic and engaging content that effectively delivers your message

Using the OBF Formula to Revamp Your Sales Pitch

Tim Sieck—Principal Partner, On Target Talent

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

In any sales presentation, the point at which you present your recommendation to the client is critical, and how that recommendation is presented has as much to do with its acceptance as the recommendation itself. This class will show you how to use the Objectives, Benefits, and Features (OBF) formula to articulate what your product or service can do for the client in a way that connects on an emotional level.

You will learn:

  • The components of the OBF formula
  • How to create an OBF chart to think through your recommendations
  • How to present your recommendation and ask for commitment

Motivating Your Listeners to Buy

Steven D. Cohen—Assistant Professor, University of Baltimore

ON-DEMAND: View at your convenience for 12 months

Persuasion is a central part of our daily lives. We rely on our persuasive skills to convince our friends to eat at a specific restaurant, our co-workers to agree with our proposal, or our boss to give us a raise. In this class, we will go "inside" persuasive messages to understand how and why they work.

You will learn:

  • How to develop the mindset of a salesperson
  • To use logos, pathos, and ethos to your advantage
  • How to prepare a successful pitch

As a Present & Persuade student, you'll also receive these free course materials:

  1. An all-new MarketingProfs How-To Guide: Excite, Ignite, Unite: The Keys to Inspiring, Persuading, and Motivating Your Audience (a $49 value)
  2. PRO Seminar: Extreme PowerPoint Makeover: Transform Your Data-Driven Presentation Beyond Bullet Points (a $129 value)
  3. PRO Seminar: Presentation Elevation—How to Educate, Inspire, and Engage (a $129 value)
  4. Take 10 Video Tutorial: How to Present Ideas That Inspire Change (a $10 value)
  5. Take 10 Video Tutorial: Nine Ways to Make Your Webinars Start Strong and Finish Big (a $10 value)

Excellent presentation that got rid of a lot of misconceptions. Tips can be applied to other work situations beside presentations.

Thomas Seble

Great presentation on public speaking, relevant for everyone, no matter what profession or stage of you life you may be in!

Vivian Ebru

Solid tips for business presenting, but also building every day social skills, confidence and trust in oneself

Linda Helman