Email Marketing

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  • Duration: 60–90 minutes
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Email is a powerful and personal channel that marketers can use to speak directly to their customers. By adhering to modern design principles and targeting audiences with specific, customized content, marketers can increase their chances of compelling the audience to take action and creating lasting relationships.

In this interactive presentation featuring multiple industry experts, you'll learn how to engage with customers and subscribers using email to achieve positive, measurable results.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain how marketers can use email to successfully engage with customers and subscribers alike
  • Outline the steps for defining an email marketing strategy
  • Describe the different elements required for a successful email marketing campaign, including the metrics required to demonstrate success

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This course explores the following topics:

Your Email Analytics Dashboard and What You Can Deduce From It
Developing a standard report can provide loads of information that can be analyzed and applied to your future email marketing strategy. Learn what stats you should be looking at and what you can apply to help your emails overall.

Segment and Target Your Way to Email Marketing Success
Email marketing drives significant revenue and excellent ROI for many major consumer brands. One to many campaigns provide the majority of that revenue. Intelligent use of segmentation and targeting is a driving force for continued inbox acceptance and revenue performance. This module addresses the big questions behind segmentation and targeting strategy.

Emails That Convert: Essentials of Top-Performing Message Design
Worried that your email messages or design templates are too long? Too short? How do you get message design just right? Learn the fundamental building blocks and essential blueprint for a successful email marketing message that embodies the right mix of copy, images, and graphical elements for a deliverable, engaging, and responsive email that converts.

Email Testing: Learn Why Some Campaigns Work and Others Flop
Email testing is an important part of the email marketing process, and understanding an email campaign's effectiveness is a necessary step to ensure future success with your email marketing. This module will help you understand email testing on a very strategic level to help you in your future email campaign planning.

Plan A: Develop a Strategy to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged
Inactive subscribers aren't adding any value to your email marketing. How do you keep your customers engaged and interested, and stop them from unsubscribing? We'll review why having a retention strategy is important as well as understanding your customers' tolerance level to avoid abandonment.

Plan B: How to Re-Engage Your Inactive Subscribers
We'll discuss tactics to keep your customers engaged. From understanding why they unsubscribe and how to re-engage them and win them back, you will be able to maintain a healthy list size and learn how to grow it, too.

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