Brand Engagement

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  • Duration: 60–90 minutes
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Marketers looking to make an impression with their target audience must look beyond the usual channels and techniques used by their competition. By creating emotional experiences, marketers can make a stronger impression and improve brand engagement. In this interactive presentation featuring multiple industry experts, we'll explore what brand engagement is and how to build it through immersive experiences and integrated campaigns.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Define brand engagement and explain its benefits
  • Identify key attributes and steps for creating brand engagement experiences and campaigns
  • Create different kinds of brand engagement experiences and campaigns that support marketing and business goals

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This course explores the following topics:

How to Go Beyond Just Telling Your Brand Story: Christian Lachel on Marketing Smarts
You'll learn how Christian Lachel, executive creative director and head of marketing for BRC Imagination Arts, works with brands to create emotionally evocative experiences that help consumers fall in love with your brand. You'll also learn how to increase customer loyalty and drive revenue for your brands .

Three Ways to Maximize Your Tradeshow Presence
You'll learn three key ways to get the most out of your tradeshow investment. We'll discuss the importance of starting with clear and measurable objectives, share tips on how your company can deliver compelling experiences on the show floor, and show examples of real companies that put these tips into action to boost their booth traffic and ROI .

Overcome Silos and Develop a Truly Integrated Campaign
Most campaigns today involve a series of touches through multiple media channels. We'll review the media and marketing channels options and explains how to plan them together to deliver a consistent brand experience. Learn how to work across organizational silos for a fully integrated campaign program .

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Some essential advice to get maximum benefit from your marketing budget.

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