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Your brand is a money-making machine, and how much money it makes is up to you and your customers. But actually generating revenue isn't so easy! Only brands that know what their customers want can achieve this level of success. This course will enhance your understanding of what a brand is, how brands build value, plus the components of a brand promise and a brand strategy and how they need to work in concert to create a value-generating brand.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain what a brand is and the different types of brands
  • Discuss how a brand can generate value for your customers and your company
  • Identify the components of a "brand promise" and know how to create your own
  • Understand the three phases of building a brand strategy

This course explores the following topics:

Six Questions That Build Great Brands
To win the battle for your customers' attention—and wallets—you have to win the battle for their hearts and minds first. Why? Because that's where your brand really lives, not at your headquarters and certainly not (just) in your marketing. You'll learn the six questions that will help you define your brand (and why people care), so your brand is the one people choose.

Beyond the Buzz: Learn the True Definition of "Brand" and Other Terms
Do you really know what "brand" means? Being a big buzzword in today's marketplace, the term is often misunderstood. Learn the true definition of brand as well as the difference between brand values and brand voice; brand identity and brand personality; and brand positioning and differentiation.

Go on a Brand Campaign and Capture the Hearts of Your Customers
Like a political campaign, a brand campaign is created to effect change. It requires strategic planning to craft a series of events targeted to a specific audience. Learn how to develop a strategy that captures your target audience and solidifies your brand's differentiation in the marketplace, and how your brand's "higher order benefit" affects all your messaging.

How to Develop a Dynamic Creative Briefing Document
The majority of creative briefings are conducted verbally and based on feelings rather than clear, strategic thinking—however, this exposes a problem. Learn how to develop a creative document that provides solid direction and parameters to your agency, internal marketing communications team, and/or any other group that has a hand in developing your product or brand campaign.

How to Effectively Build Your Brand Through Social Media
Today, thanks to social media, brands have a voice. But to use that voice effectively in social media, you need to be strategic about what you say and how and where you say it. Learn how to choose the right social media platforms for your brand, extend your brand identity across those platforms, develop brand-appropriate content and conversations, and create brand advocates.

Elevate Your Brand With an Integrated PR Program
Public relations (PR) can be a creative and cost-effective tool that can power your brand and foster interactions with your customers. You'll learn how to align your brand's objectives with an integrated PR program that includes traditional and social media to elevate your brand and create buzz.

The Makeover: What to Do When It's Time to Rebrand
There comes a time in the life span of many products and companies to start afresh. Do you know Datsun? The Haloid Company? Andersen Consulting? They're now Nissan, Xerox, and Accenture, respectively. When it is time to rebrand a product or company for whatever reason, several decisions should inform your strategy.

What Members Are Saying

Nice course that helps you on the basics of branding.

It's essential for anyone who wants to get their thoughts around building or repositioning their organization's brand.

Really gets to the core issues and frameworks involved in branding strategy.