Digital Marketing Strategy

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Before marketers jump onto new platforms or begin creating content, they must define a strategy to guide their efforts. By considering the classic buyer's journey, logical objectives, and measurement techniques, marketers can better establish a digital marketing strategy that will serve their needs as well as their customers.

In this interactive presentation featuring multiple industry experts, we'll explore effective content strategies and tactics, the importance of websites and technology, and ways to measure success.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Define a digital marketing strategy and explain its benefits
  • Identify the essential components of a digital marketing strategy
  • Explain how to define and measure the success of a digital marketing strategy and its components

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This course explores the following topics:

Which Tactics Are Most Appropriate During the Buyer's Journey
We explain how to choose specific marketing tactics that align with the phases of the buyer's journey, satisfying the needs of customers as well as business and marketing goals.

Buyer Personas: Don't Create Content Without Them
We review what buyer personas are, how you use them, and why they are a crucial piece of a well-built content marketing strategy. You will gain usable insights to help improve your content strategy immediately.

Mobile Is the New Social
Learn why mobile should be a key component in the marketing mix, targeted to your audience, and why it should be readable, accessible and usable. Learn the importance of metrics to track and understand the performance of your mobile campaigns.

The Elements of Great Content
Learn how content is used during the buyer's journey and six characteristics that can help guide the development of great content.

Measure ROI for Digital Campaigns
We discuss what ROI means beyond return on investment, how you can establish simple methods for measuring the ROI of your digital campaigns, and provide a better understanding of how to capture and record your successes (and failures) of digital campaigns.

Online Advertising in a Nutshell
Gain actionable knowledge about the different forms of online advertising: banners, email, search, native advertising and more. Learn how they work and where they fit.

The Value of Search Marketing
Learn how search marketing naturally intersects with other areas of your overall digital marketing strategy, how to better leverage search marketing to support other channels, and the best way to integrate search marketing into your overall digital marketing efforts to get an optimal return on your investments.

How to Select the Right Digital Marketing Technology
Discover the myriad technologies available for multichannel digital marketing, with a special emphasis on marketing automation: suites and platforms, and social media marketing and intelligence tools. You will learn about the five key do's and don'ts to prepare you to make the right technology selection decisions and find the best solution for your needs.

Digital Strategy Template
Take all the elements of a digital strategy and put them into a template that marketers can use for their brand.

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