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One size does not fit all.

Whether you want to deeply explore a few topics or take an accelerated tour through dozens of subjects, we have the e-learning program for you. Browse your three options below.

Deep Dive Courses

Deep Dive courses are designed for marketers who really want to sink their teeth into a particular topic. At 5–10 hours in length, don't expect to breeze through these courses in one sitting. But DO expect to become a master of that topic once you're done.

There are between 7 and 13 webcasts in a course. Each webcast is 30–60 minutes long and focuses on one piece of the broader topic. Taught by experts in their respective fields, you'll hear from some of the smartest minds in the digital marketing world.

Deep Dive courses are delivered online and on-demand, and they are accessible on most devices. (That means your learning just got mobile!) They come with a variety of support materials to match all learning styles. That includes quizzes, class notes, downloadable audio files, and (best of all) certificates of completion, so you can strut your stuff.

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B2B Lead Roundup

Keep your pipeline full of high-quality leads, quickly move them through the sales funnel, and increase your conversion rates.

Email Marketing Master Course

Email. After all these years, it's still the most reliable method of getting in front of customers and prospects. But just like a fine wine, email has changed subtly as it's aged. Don't let your techniques go stale, though. Stay up to date on the latest and greatest for this mainstay of the marketing world.

High-Performance Content Marketing

A behind-the-scenes look at successful content creation tactics with a focus on getting your content in front of the right audiences at the right time with the right message!

Marketing Measurement & Analytics

Crunch numbers like cornflakes! Learn the latest tools and techniques to collect, measure, and analyze data with these 13 online classes.

Marketing Project Management Essentials

Get more done in less time with these 13 classes on all things project management and productivity. You'll be more effective and efficient, and move more projects through the pipeline. Classes available online, on-demand.

Marketing Technology: Tips, Tools, & Tactics

Harness the power of marketing technology in this 9-class course that takes the complexity out of this popular (but misunderstood) topic.

Marketing Your Small Business

Learn the ins and outs of marketing for small businesses to help increase your sales, engage your customers, and improve your bottom line.

Present & Persuade

Get an in-depth look at the psychology of persuasion, the science of motivation, and the tools top speakers use to deliver the right message to any audience.

Search Marketing School

Does your content stand out in the crowd or get lost in the mix? Increase your site's visibility and stay ahead of your competitors in this 12-class course, available on-demand, anytime!

Social Media Marketing: The Full Monty

Take the next step in social media marketing: integrating social with other areas of your business, such as PR, customer service, and more.

If you're interested in a topic that's not listed here, please submit your suggestions below. Your feedback will help us determine which Deep Dive courses we develop next year.

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Quick Study Courses

Quick Study courses help busy professionals build their digital marketing smarts in as little time as possible. Each course is a series of 10-minute webcasts presented by subject-matter experts. Bite-sized and easy to get through, they are a convenient way to get up to speed on a wide variety of topics in just 60–90 minutes per course.

Quick Study courses are delivered online, and they are accessible on-demand on most mobile devices. They come with a variety of support materials, including quizzes, checklists, and (best of all) certificates of completion.

All 28 Quick Study courses are FREE with a PRO membership. If you're a PRO member, log in to this website using the email address and password for your PRO account. Then register for any course you're interested in for $0. It's that easy!

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Branding sets the user's expectation for your product or service. Learn to define and refine your brand voice, attract customers' attention, and increase your brand's ROI.

Brand Engagement

By creating emotional connections, marketers can make a stronger impression and improve brand engagement. Learn what brand engagement is and how to build it through immersive experiences and integrated campaigns.

Campaign Planning

Developing a marketing campaign is more than just jotting down the ideas in your head. Learn how to build an effective and successful integrated multichannel marketing campaign.

Channel Marketing I (Marketers)

Channel marketing can be a powerful tool if executed successfully. Learn the basics for marketers, including: how to select partners, how to create successful co-marketing programs, and how to measure results.

Channel Marketing II (Partners)

Channel marketing can be a powerful tool if executed successfully. Learn the basics for marketing partners/distributors, including: how to help drive demand, develop effective marketing programs, and improve engagement.

Content Rules

Learn the secrets of creating compelling content in a simple, efficient, and sustainable way. This course shows you how to use killer content to cut through the noise with proper planning, effective targeting, and staying true to the long-lasting adage of quality over quantity.

Customer Relationships

Customer relationships can make or break a business. In this course, we'll help you uncover valuable insights to help you retain, regain, and re-engage customers effectively.

Customer-Centric Marketing

Everyone knows that the customer comes first, but do your marketing efforts follow this mantra? Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by engaging with your customers and knowing their needs.

Demand/Lead Generation

An empty funnel is a drag. Learn to focus your demand generation efforts so you can keep your pipeline stocked, align your sales and marketing efforts, and amp up your website's lead capturing potential.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Before marketers jump onto new platforms, they must define a strategy to guide their efforts. This course explores the necessary steps to building and measuring a successful digital marketing strategy.


Improve your e-commerce marketing efforts and learn how to generate more online sales using best practices and tested tactics taught in these 11 classes.

Email Marketing

Email is a powerful and personal channel that lets you speak directly to your customers. Learn how to engage with customers using email to achieve positive, measurable results.

Event Marketing

Events are an important part of a marketing plan, but maximizing and measuring their ROI can be a challenge. Learn to refine your strategy, generate quality leads, and show senior managers the importance of live and virtual events.


As a marketer, it's valuable to have a working knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). In this class, you'll learn the nuts and bolts, as well as some advanced techniques to make your web pages shine.

Landing Pages

If a website is your home, a landing page is the room you want people to spend the most time. Learn how to create landing pages that captivate, entice, and ultimately, drive bottom-line results.

Market Research

In today's data-driven world, market research is the name of the game. Learn strategies and techniques to uncover valuable information and critical business insights.

Marketing Mix

Marketing today is more than just the 4 Ps. With today's hyper-connected and over-informed consumers, you'll need to learn which tactics and techniques to include in an effective modern day marketing mix.

Marketing Strategy

Join us as we bring traditional marketing into the 21st century and show you how to adapt tried and true marketing techniques to a digital age. We'll cover what's new, as well as take you through a refresher of what's come before.

Marketing Writing

Learn how to become a more effective writer and create content that gets results. This course will focus on audience-centric writing and the fundamental shifts in thinking that require marketers to inspire, educate, and help rather than talk up benefits and features.


In today's data-driven world, metrics are essential to evaluating marketing performance. Learn how to track and report on KPIs that matter.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is here. Mobile is now. You need to be on it, ready to greet your customers. Have no fear, this course will help you dive into mobile marketing and optimize it for your business.

Online Advertising

Don't start your ad campaigns without taking this course! We'll teach you what you need to know when navigating the world of online advertising, no matter what platform(s) you use.


Learn how to turn your presentations—whether they use slides or not—into learning tools that bring a message to life, making the message memorable for the audience.


Pricing is an underappreciated component of a brand's marketing strategy. Uncover valuable insights that will help you price your company's products and services to achieve the best results.

Public Relations

Generating "buzz" is something every brand wants. But what's the best way to do it? Learn to plan and execute successful PR programs both externally and internally.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing departments sometimes seem at odds with each other, rather than being on the same team. Learn to build a successful partnership between these groups, creating better cooperation and boosted revenues.

Social Business

Discover why you need a social business model and how to move toward one—from organizational structure and culture considerations, to creating a brand story and leveraging analytics.


As marketers, our role as storytellers is vital; the stories we tell our audiences form their beliefs about and the connection with our brand.

Video Marketing

Incorporating videos into your marketing plan can be a real game-changer. Get insights on everything from building a strategy, producing branded videos, and the best channels for distribution.


Having a brand website is a given in today's world. But is your website working as well as it could be, to drive conversions, build your client database, and garner engagement? Learn to implement an effective, optimized digital and mobile strategy.

If you're interested in a topic that's not listed here, please submit your suggestions below. Your feedback will help us determine which Quick Study courses we develop next year.

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