MPU has been a professional lifeline for me. MPU's offerings allow me to "cherry pick" the golden nuggets of information I need the most. It is obvious their speakers are experts in their fields. The courses have given me the confidence I need to make changes in how we do things, and back it up with proven methodologies. Thanks MPU, I can't wait for you to expand your offerings even more!

Shauna Cook, Madison, WI

I can absolutely recommend taking MPU classes and signing up for MarketingProfs' PRO membership. As a 12-year veteran B2B marketer I find the MPU courses as well as the resources of MP well worth the money and just as mandatory to any marketing professional as a membership at their local marketing association.

Thorsten Strauss, Brussels, Belgium

I've LOVED the course. I've found every single presentation helpful, insightful, and rich in content.

Melissa Mischak about Marketing Writing Bootcamp

One of the better courses I've seen! This offers some great new ideas for PR professionals.

Kate Murchison about Marketing Measurement & Analytics

Tons of great, creative information that I could easily apply to my business, even though my organization rarely fits the 'mold!'

Katherine Thacker, Blacksburg, VA

It covers a wide gamut of topics on a wide variety of types of marketing writing. Each class provides solid meat and insight.

Janis Nash, Chicago, IL

I just finished your online course! I have many new ideas, and really enjoyed your course. Thank you!

Melissa Willinger, Troy, MI about Email Marketing Master Course

I found Marketing Writing Bootcamp to be one of the best organized and most informative sessions I've participated in—either in person or online.

Cheryl Miola, Andover, MA about Marketing Writing Bootcamp

The course was chock-full of excellent information delivered in a very digestible format. The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught their topics with great respect for the diversity of the students. As a non-web designer, I can't tell you how much this course has informed my approach to both optimizing our site and building consensus with my team members. This product is top shelf and I would recommend it and MarketingProfs to anyone.

Nick Fortunatus, Philadelphia, PA

Social Media Marketing: The Full Monty packs an incredible amount of content into 15 short classes. The scope and variety of social media experts MarketingProfs assembled for this course is unparalleled. Best educational time investment I've made this year!

Jennifer Birmingham, San Francisco, CA about Social Media Marketing: The Full Monty