In this day and age, everybody writes—especially, marketers. Emails, blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, PowerPoint presentations: they all count as writing. But even the savviest of marketers and the most accomplished of writers can use a hand once in a while. After all, writing is a skill that only gets better with persistence, expert mentoring, and—most important of all—constant use.

That's why we've put together an amazing how-to workshop based on Ann Handley's best-selling book, Everybody Writes—to show you how to become a more effective writer and create content that gets results.


This workshop will focus on audience-centric writing and the fundamental shifts in thinking that require marketers to inspire, educate, and help rather than talk up benefits and features. Learners will receive hands-on training in creating different types of content for their ongoing marketing initiatives, so bring some current writing projects with you to the workshop.

The session will demonstrate various ways to collaborate on content creation, and you'll have the opportunity to give each other feedback on voice, tone, and medium. You'll not only learn to develop long- and medium-form content, but you'll examine how these different types of written content align with various stages of the buyer's journey.

We take a blended learning approach to our workshops. That means it's a comprehensive experience in three phases:

Before the workshop: Through self-paced elearning, you'll build a foundation in the core concepts. This means we can use our time together in the workshop for exercises more than lecture.

During the workshop: You'll work in groups and individually to practice what you've learned. You'll collaborate, and you'll give and receive feedback on voice, tone, medium, and more.

After the workshop: You'll reinforce what you learned by engaging with a mobile app (or web app) that prompts you with periodic, quick reminders and questions.


This experience will give you everything you need to write copy that will help and inspire your audience. After this program you'll be able to:

  • Follow the 12-step Writing GPS to enhance the quality of your marketing writing
  • Develop "pathological empathy" in order to create content that resonates with your target audience
  • Adopt a brand voice for your writing, and adjust the tone for different contexts
  • Use one of 15 formats to organize a piece of writing based on topic and audience
  • Write more effective headlines

In addition to a detailed workbook and a laminated Writing GPS job aid, attendees will receive an autographed copy of Everybody Writes. Virtual workshop attendees will also receive a USB headset.


Everybody Writes is an intense (and fun!), two-day virtual writing program, focused on many of the most important aspects of marketing writing. Each day will consist of four hours of learning.

  • Login and sound-check 10:30–11:00am ET
  • Instruction will begin promptly at 11:00am ET
  • The workshop will run until 3:00pm ET
  • Breaks will be provided (but you're on your own for snacks!)

We limit attendance at our workshops to 30 participants to foster an intimate learning experience.

  • Marketers tasked with writing as part of their day-to-day responsibilities
  • Anyone seeking a creative and collaborative writing experience
  • Those interested in focusing their writing efforts to create more effective content
  • Marketers looking to write audience-centric content that helps, educates, and inspires, rather than hypes product benefits and features
  • Anyone who learns by doing or benefits from peer-to-peer interaction
  • You'll write during the workshop, and will have the opportunity to refine pieces you're currently working on in light of the key principles covered
  • You're looking for a proven process, the MarketingProfs approach to writing
  • You're interested in networking with like-minded marketers facing the same challenges and struggles
Heather Witherspoon

Heather Witherspoon is the owner of Coach.Discover.Grow., a growing coaching and consulting firm. She has a master's degree in Adult Learning and Professional Development and is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC). Her love of all things learning keeps her busy. She is currently focused on life and leadership coaching for women, and consulting in the field of instructional design and delivery. Heather is a fun and energetic speaker with 15 years' experience designing and delivering instruction.


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If you must cancel a registration, please submit your request in writing to MarketingProfs Customer Service via email at or call us at (866) 557-9625 before the deadline date and time. Substitutions are allowed without penalty any time before the date of your scheduled workshop; please contact customer service to change the applicable registration details.

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Very informative, collaborative, and hands on. Drives home the need to connect empathetically with your audience, as well as teaches how to do that.

This was a really great opportunity to disconnect from the everyday, reconnect with my drive to "do the next big thing," and create great marketing content.

Wonderful! I would like all members of our marketing department to take this course together, so we approach content creation and strategy the same way!